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About the AICR

The Amicale Internationale des Chefs de Réception et Sous Directeurs des Grands Hôtels or the International Association for Front Office Managers and Assistant Hotel Managers was founded in the Cote d’Azur in France in 1964, the Registered Office of the AICR is the Hotel Ritz, Paris.

The association currently has eighteen sections:

Australia / Austria / China / Czech Republic / Estonia / France / Germany/ Italy / Morocco / New Zealand / Poland / Qatar / Singapore / Switzerland / United Arab Emirates / United Kingdom

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AICR International


  • To promote social interaction amongst its members and sections
  • To discuss common work issues
  • Encourage best practices in the front of house/hospitality industry
  • To promote and organise any scheme for raising and dispensing funds for training or educational or charity purpose
  • To enhance the knowledge and professionalism of the Rooms Division management
  • To work closely with various hotels, tourism associations, other hospitality
  • associations and hospitality institutions from member countries to promote tourism and attract young people to join the hotel industry and promote their career in Rooms Division.
  • Manage and run the receptionist of the year competitions in each section, cumulating in the annual AICR World’s Best Receptionist competition – awarding the David Campbell Trophy.


It is important that the AICR International consistently advance itself in this ever changing age but we do not lose sight of old traditions – as these are important foundations that the AICR International was built upon.

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Membership of new sections

  • The AICR is open to all countries or regions noted for hotel or tourist activity in any part of the world.
  • Colleagues occupying positions in deluxe or first class hotels, who have decided to form a group, may request to the International President to vote for the creation of a new section.
  • The International President will submit the candidature to the international committee, then to the Presidium, for acceptance, before placing this new section onto the agenda of the next General Assembly. At the General Assembly a vote will be taken which must approve admission by a majority of the members present or represented.
  • This new section must have a committee in place prior to being officially established with a president, treasurer, secretary, events and social media positions. The minimum membership for a new section would be twenty new AICR members.
  • Each new section must adhere to the local taxation legislation and conform to the international statutes in place.

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The competition was formed in 1995, with a Trophy designed and sponsored by the Paris AICR section, to be presented each year to the Worlds Best Receptionist.

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For over 50 years the AICR ( Amicale Internationale des Sous Directeurs et Chefs de Réception des Grand Hôtels ) has developed into a dynamic international organisation represented in 16 countries, 17 sections and continues to grow.

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