World's Best Receptionist - The David Campbell Trophy, Hosted by the AICR

About the Wild Card Competition

The AICR (the association of Front Office and Hotel Managers) who founded the annual World’s Best Receptionist competition, are delighted to increase the global reach of their talent search by making it easier than ever for a receptionist to enter the contest.

They are proud to announce the launch of a new category which will open up the worldwide search for the winner. This new initiative is a milestone for the competition, embracing and appreciating the hidden talent of our hotel receptionists regardless of their location in the world.

About the Wild Card Competition

Any hotel receptionist, who does not have a national competition in their country, are encouraged to apply for a chance to win the coveted global title.  This is their opportunity to showcase their country, themselves and to demonstrate their amazing talent and excellent service skills.

Receptionists who work in a country where there is an established AICR section and national contest will continue to enter their local contest.

To find out more and to apply to enter this exciting competition, please visit Wildcard Application

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The competition was formed in 1995, with a Trophy designed and sponsored by the Paris AICR section, to be presented each year to the Worlds Best Receptionist.

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For over 50 years the AICR ( Amicale Internationale des Sous Directeurs et Chefs de Réception des Grand Hôtels ) has developed into a dynamic international organisation represented in 16 countries, 17 sections and continues to grow.

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